About Us

Dear Friends & Family,

 Although The Underground Chicago will remain open for Private Events, after thriving in Chicago with the most incredible teammates, having the opportunity to serve millions of the most wonderful guests since we first laid eyes on the space 20 years ago, we will be discontinuing our regular nightclub operations this week. As you may have also heard, our Underground team is opening in Nashville next week (see press release below). We are so humbled, honored, excited and proud to be able to share a piece of our Chicago original in new markets to come.


I opened my first nightclub in Chicago at 22, in my first year of law school, and it changed my life forever. Every single day since, I've been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the best teammates in the business, all to make Chicagoans and our visitors, enjoy incredible and unforgettable experiences and memories. I'm left in absolute admiration for our community and what we created together. We had the courage to challenge conventions in the industry, manage and maintain relevance for decades, and bring joy to our community in ways we couldn't have imagined when we set out on this journey. 


Our work, contribution, and insatiable desire to elevate hospitality, lifestyle, happiness and experiential doesn't stop with this transition. From humble beginnings, we've remained agile, evolved, and continue to grow. Our story continues with our ability to still customize world class events for all in our Underground Chicago home, with the Grand Opening of Underground in Nashville next week, the growth of Sunda New Asian (River North, Fulton Market, Nashville, Tampa, Detroit..), and through the incredible work our 500+ creatives in 18 countries are doing for inspiring clients at our Marketing Agency, COACT. 


Growth in highly competitive industries is a dream come true, and we can only attribute any of this to your unwavering support, dedication and kindness. To each of you, our incredible team and cherished partners, I extend my deepest gratitude. Thank you for being such an integral part of our journey and letting us be a part of yours. 


If you would allow our teams of top talent to customize an incredible and unforgettable private event for you at The Underground Chicago, we would cherish the opportunity.. please reach out to us at Events@TheUndergroundChicago.com


With all of my heart, thank you.. BD, CEO/Founder