The Best 2019 Album Releases (so far)

With 2020 just around the corner, we thought we’d spill some of this year’s greatest album releases that you may have missed. Here’s our unranked recap of the year’s most noteworthy drops. Lana Del Rey: Norman Fucking Rockwell! Our favorite femme fatale is back with a cocktail of the American dream, romance and danger in Norman Fucking Rockwell. By dropping a string of incredible singles throughout the year, the album comes together at a climactic point with lush melodies that [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Festival Season

Summer is in full bloom in Chicago! Long summer days ahead with endless sunshine. With summer, comes festival season and everyone is scrambling to buy their festival tickets as the dates get released. While it's always very exciting, for a first-time attendee the process and planning for a festival can be a little overwhelming. It can be hard to know what to expect but with our help you can arrive prepared and ready for a great time. Do Your Research [...]

ComplexCon: The Cultural Utopia

ComplexCon is officially touching base in Chicago this summer on July 20 & 21st for a weekend of pop culture, art, food, style, sports, music, activism and so much more! We've got you covered for what to expect and how to navigate the cultural anthropology that is about to hit our city. Photo Credit: Never Made If you're new to the scene, the two-day convention is a creative utopia for hype heads and cool kids alike. Featuring incredible performers such [...]