Big Syphe

Big Syphe

Super Bowl Halftime Show DJ is just part of his bio. Big Syphe has an infectious personality and a DJ style that wins over clubs night after night! Hear just what we mean when you experience his set on Thursday, July 2rd!

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About Big Syphe

A Los Angeles native, Big Syphe started out in music by making mix tapes for friends in junior high while practicing his turntable skills in secret. Syphe says he was waiting for the right moment to unveil his hidden talent at one of the infamous backyard parties that were a major part of his high school experience. “In my neighborhood, you were either a DJ or in a party crew that was loyal to a certain DJ,” he says.

The road to Syphe’s recent breakthrough was paved years ago by a chance conversation he had at concert meet and greet. “I was talking to a woman and I mentioned that I really liked Pitbull, who was opening that night,” he recalls. “She said: ‘Wait right here, I’ll bring him over. That’s my son, Armando.’ He and I have stayed in touch ever since.”

Seven years later, when Pit needed a DJ for his world tour, he called on Syphe. During his two years on the road with the international star, Syphe performed around the globe and made high-profile appearances on the Latin Grammy Awards, Super Bowl Halftime Show, Today Show and Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve.

Big Syphe now tours solo often, regularly appearing at clubs and festivals. When he’s not on the road, he’s in the studio remixing tracks and producing music for a growing list of artists. Most recently, he began producing music for Pitbull’s record label, Mr. 305 Inc.

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